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Research Fields

European Avantgarde in Postwar Modernism Sommerakademie Salzburg (2015 - ongoing)
Urbanistik: Public space 2.0 web publication - (2010 - 12)
Occupational Field Architecture long time study on work and living conditions (2004 -15)
Media & Technology
Theorie der Technik in Architektur und Städtebau (Gastkurator Wolkenkuckucksheim Heft 33)

Conference and symposia on research project Occupational Field Architecture long time study on work and living conditions (2004 - 15)
archdiploma2009 Exhibition best diplomas Faculty of Architecture
AzW Events (2003 - 07)
Media & Technology
Future Energy - Permanent Exhibition "Sonnenwelt" Permanent exhibition, science goes public project (2011 - 12)
Media Architecture Conferences (2003 -11)

Media & Technology
Humanoid Robots KOROS Kollaborierende Robotersysteme (2012 - ongoing)
Media Architecture Applied and experimental Research (2006 -10)

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One of the oldest Architecture Homepage (1993): analyzing Le Corbusier's Carpenter Center

Oliver Schürer, Senior Scientist, Dipl.-Ing., Dr.techn.,

Oliver Schürer is curator, editor and author as well as Senior Scientist and Deputy Director at the Vienna University of Technology (Department of Architecture Theory). Inspired by his first occupation of Master Cabinet Maker, he studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. He concluded his studies with an essay about the concepts of space and time in Gilles Deleuze's work. He obtained his doctorate with his thesis, ‘Automation und Einfühlung’ [Automation and Empathy] - under Professor Kari Jormakka. Parallel to this, he studied philosophy with emphasis on the theory of technology. His dissertation, as part of a cognitive science research project in the Department of Computer Technology conducted at the Vienna University of Technology, is a study on the evolution of building automation from the first functionalist concepts to contemporary research on artificial consciousness. He did numerous research projects, guest lectures, events, and international publications mainly on the topics “architecture as economic and cultural field” and “technology and media in architecture.”

Since 1999, Oliver Schürer as part of his research projects has been curating conferences, symposia, and has been active as producer. He has curated several exhibitions. In connection with all these activities, he has been engaged in fundraising, production, publicity and press relations. He has organized press events and is the scientific press relations spokesman of the KOROS Robot Laboratory of the Vienna University of Technology. He has curated two series of events at the Architecture Centre [AzW] in Vienna between 2003 and 2007. He has co-founded the Media Architecture Biennale and was curator and producer of several international conferences in Vienna, Berlin and London.

2002-14 he researched the field of study “architecture as economic and cultural field”. As the architecture field is situated between day job and art form he conducts various projects pertaining to the relationship between the different meanings, consequences and aspects of architecture: as design discipline for the built environment, as scene, as economical trade, as lifestyle, and last but not least, as way to earn a living.
The project “architektur:consulting” he did case studies on expert- and project networks, the prophase before the typical architecture project, and processes in architecture projects. From 2003 to 2014, he did a detailed long-term study unique in Europe, concerning the living and working conditions in Austrian architecture. The quantitative part of the study, ‘Berufsfeld Architektur 1.0; Bestandsaufnahme und Zeitdiagnose’ [The Architectural Profession 1.0; Inventory and Diagnosis of Time], was published in 2008. The qualitative part of the study, ‘Berufsfeld Architektur 2.0; Lebenswelt, Wissen und Vernetzung’ [The Architectural Profession 2.0; Lifeworld, Knowledge and Networking] was published in 2014.

Since 1999 he is doing research projects within the field of study “technology and media in architecture and urbanism” combining built experiments with the production of discourse and theory. As visiting researcher at the Department for CAAD, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich [ETH], he was co-founder of the research field on the Theory of Technology in Architecture. As a result of his research on media and techniques of architecture, the publication, ‘Automatismen und Architektur; Medien, Obsessionen, Technologien’ [Automatisms and architecture, media, obsessions, technologies] was published by Springer publishers in 2012. In the book he developed his thesis on the sociocultural obsession with media ubiquity and the automatisms of self-acting, -controlling, and -networking technologies.

Today his research fields are Media Urbanism, territories, production of urban policy, Big Data and Smart Cities. Research projects are ‘Smart Cities in threshold countries; digital colonialism or a hypermodern era in the global context?’; ‘Smart City; Transformation or erosion of civil rights?’;
‘Inside the laboratory of the post-war modernism; historical critical analysis of the world's first summer academy and its function in the international avant-garde.’

Currently, he is resident curator of technology in architecture and urban studies at Wolkenkuckuksheim, the Journal of Architecture Theory.