Media Architecture Conference Vienna

Documentation: Lectures on Video, Abstracts and Sum-up's of 62 Speakers + 4 keynotes in 6 Sessions, 8 Worksshops.

Conference topic

„Urban Media Territories; The Re-Stratification Of Urban Public Spaces Through Digital Media.“

Media density is not congruent with urban density. Moreover it relentlessly expands seamlessly into suburban, rural, and rurban areas. Media Territories are describing the effects of independent densities with a surprising variety of stratifications hence challenging traditional categories. Features of public space propelled by this drive, like activism, consumerism, leisure, and surveillance, to name just a few of the possible behaviors and plots are increasingly transforming Architecture. The Media Architecture Conference Vienna cross-links stakeholders willing to shape the evolution of Media Territories. In a multi disciplinary approach the conference fosters cooperation between practice and research involving diverse stakeholders and experts of all kinds of urban fields: Media in Architecture, Media, Design, Art, Light and Building Industry, Telecommunication, Scientific Research and Urban Management Concurrently cities are facing immense challenges like rapid growth or contraction, traffic and migration, power supply, economic and ecological changes. It is necessary to initiate the development of practices for the application of media architecture to urban, public space. Digital media increasingly surge into public space by way of new interfaces like media facades and cellular phone network applications and this leads to the interaction and fusion of different technologies and patterns of use. Examining the transformation of our everyday environments the conference is in search for potentials of digital media in architecture and urban space. Here Public Space is the main field, where the tactics of many are negotiated to form a new urban practice. Tactics are driven by energy distribution and consumption, macro- and micro scale mediatization as well as commercialization of awareness, and the upcoming fusion of digital and green technologies; just to name the most intensive contemporary forces. This conference provides a forum to discuss those forces as manifold potentials for media architecture and media urbanism to contribute to the emergence of a new urban practice. The Documentation of the Media Architecture Conference Vienna is intended to shed light on the chances and risks that go along with change in appearance and social transformation of globalized cities.

Oliver Schürer, Conference Curator

The Conference was part of the Media Architecture Biennale 2010, Künstlerhaus Wien

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Team / Contact

Curator: Oliver Schürer (email)

Research: Gerda Palmetshofer
Brigitta Miron
Maxime Reckmann
Madtha Sonia
Erfan Momken
Carla Weichselbaumer




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