Artifact for an Internet Museum

"Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts Building"; Analysis, three-dimensional models, renderings

Location: Harvard University, Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Architect: Le Corbusier (1960-63)

Published 1995, these pages belong to the oldest architectural webpages of the Internet.

They were created in the context of a special theme workshop to “building analysis” at the Institut for Building Theory & Design of the Vienna Technical University. A revision followed 2012, which allows for accurate depiction in all established browsers. Content and appearance remained unchanged.

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History and versions of website:
1994-95 Created by Oliver Schürer and Michael Seidel

Academic advisors:
Anton Schweighofer
Christian Kühn
Gerald Leindecker

Special thanks to:
Philippe Vergnol
G. Wehrberger
Elmar Schmidinger

1995 by Oliver Schürer
1997 by Oliver Schürer
2012 by Oliver Schürer and Christoph Müller
2016 by Oliver Schürer and Raphaela Schiefersteiner

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